Should you require accommodation, the team at the academy is happy to assist you in finding a suitable accommodation nearby the academy.
Feel free to contact us for assistance.
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Industrial Training
Internship and Training
At the conclusion of the program, you will be provided the opportunity to experience your career as a “ready-to-perform” pastry chef at one of the pastry establishments in Philippines for a period of three-months. This external training will help you gain the necessary experience and exposure to your future career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How is this Academy an International Pastry School?
Our team of chefs is the largest and strongest pastry chef’s team in entire Asia and Middle East. Our Program are designed to ensure you learn all form and components of pastry, Bakery, chocolate, displays and artistic form. The professional set up and training makes it a truly International pastry school.
2How do I enroll in the Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines? What are the entry requirements?
To enroll, please fill in the online registration form and submit it, our staff at the academy will contact you soonest possible. Otherwise, you can also schedule an appointment with the Academy, meet our admission officer and personally register yourself at the academy. The minimum age is 16 years unless stated differently. There is no maximum age limit. We can organize classes for children, on a special request basis. You should have at least a Secondary School Education, and a good command of English, since the medium of instruction is English.
3How is Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines different from any other Philippines college or institute offering pastry courses?
At the Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines we boast an International team of Pastry Chefs. We emphasize on a unique teaching and learning environment, with smaller classes (1 instructor : 12 students) and a more hands on approach (80% practical + 20% theory) . We are one of the few institutes in Philippines that focuses on French and European pastry as anchors for our pastry school. We use fine quality ingredients that are internationally sourced and our kitchen facilities that prioritizes the needs of our students.
4What is the difference between 6 months and 3 months Program in Pastry & Bakery Arts?
The 3 months course will award students with a Basic Certificate. While completing the 6 months program students are awarded a Diploma in Patisserie (awarded by City & Guilds). Students can opt to start with the 3 months certificate program first. Upon completion, students can continue for another 3 months and reach the Diploma level. If you are keen to start an own business in Pastry & Bakery the 3 months or 6 months Program is sufficient to give you a head start to a successful business. Students with a background in Culinary Arts who wish to pursue their interest in pastry and baking, can join for a 3 months program and progress further to master their skills in this area.
5How many students do you have in a class?
There will be maximum 12 students in a class at any given time. This way we can ensure our instructors give you the best guidance and supervision in accordance to your personal needs.
6Will I work individually or in a group?
Depending on the topic there will be recipes you work on by yourself or work in a teams.
7How does a normal day in the Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines look like?
Your entire schedule is pre-planned on a monthly and weekly basis. You will know what you will be doing next week. Your class starts at 9am, with a short morning briefing, after which you will be able to watch the instructing pastry chef demonstrating what needs to be done. In the meanwhile the kitchen assistants will do the “mis en place” for you. Later you will be making the same products on your own tables under the instructing chef’s guidance. Depending on your schedule, you will be making one or more products daily. Class ends at 4.30pm and you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. At 5pm your day at the Academy comes to an end.
8Will I do more practical or more theory training?
Although at the Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines we focus on hands-on teaching, theory does play an important part in your training. Therefore 80% of your time will be in the kitchen training hands-on and 20% in the classroom learning the theory basics.
9Does Academy of Pastry & Bakery Arts Philippines offer internship assistance?
Yes, the Academy will assist our full-time students’internship applications by introducing them through the right channels.
10Where else can I find more information about Academy?
You can have a look on Facebook and join following groups and Pages. These Pages and groups are to give you more causal information about Academy.